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Category: bouquets

This is the bouquet test gallery in the bouquet gallery category. You will click on this images to actually view the photos within this gallery. I would love some general copy here about bouquets.

table top design

Category: table top design


Category: personal

I would love some text in here talking about how this is the what you design for folks to wear, wedding or special occasion.


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jillian and jonathan

Category: ceremony


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what's fresh

Category: what's fresh

I would like photos of fresh flowers in here, from the shop, keep updated if possible.



weddings & events

flora wedding, flora event styling, consulting, and floral design
Our wedding consultants and team of floral designers can create the perfect floral backdrop for any event. We offer years of experience and a vast knowledge of styles and design aesthetics. We enjoy enhancing any gathering small to super grand. We have worked with almost every venue in the surrounding area and have a great working relationships with many other local businesses. We can connect you with all sorts of local teams that provide services related to event and wedding planning.


flora boutique & botanical gifts
Our shop, located in the heart of west Asheville, offers many unique gifts. Whether it’s pots and plants or jewelry and journals we have something for everyone. You can stop in anytime for fresh cut flowers or arrangements to take home. We offer a full range of delivery services for that special someone. We change our inventory regularly but there is always something unique and beautiful around the boutique.


We provide many local businesses and residences with weekly or monthly decor. We also offer floral and container garden maintenance Spas, hotels and restaurants all over town utilize our floral design services. The holiday season is a time you will see our classic style and decor throughout Asheville. We create and maintain decor inside and out of many homes and businesses during this festive and busy time of year.


container gardens, botanical installations & maintenance
Our block of west Asheville shows our dedication to keeping up appearances with beautifully planted containers & gardens. We love to provide plants and living floral elements to containers and gardens in Asheville. We also create living walls and wooly pockets full of plants that cascade down the walls to add living art to any home or business. Our garden expert keeps these installations looking fresh and fantastic year round.